This is all I know

Hands are shaking here

Voices in my head

Light is nowhere near.

Deep within my tears

Your face is all I see

You know my deepest fears

Your love is pulling me.


Surprised beyond my dreams

To see You standing there

The One I hated so

The only One who cares.

Mountains start to fall

I’ve never been so free

I fall in love with You

Because You cherish me.



Savior of my soul

I feel Your mighty love

It doesn’t matter who I am

Your beauty is enough.

And when this life is past

I’ll walk into Your light

I’ll sing because You live

I’ll live because You died.


One Word of Thine

 One word of Thine can calm my fearing soul,
Thou whisperest “Peace”; I cannot be dismayed.
For Thine Assurance over me still rolls
And on Thy Rock I am secure and stayed.
One word of Thine can calm each doubt and fear,
Thou whisperest “Peace”; I know that Thou art near.
One word of Thine can bring my wand’ring heart
Back to the fold where Thou in patience waits.
Thou whisperest “Grace”; and sets my soul apart
Thy full forgiveness is the diff’ring trait.
One word of Thine can bring me back to Thee.
Thou whisperest “Grace”; from sin I now am free.
One word of Thine can grasp my shaking hand.
Thou whisperest “Come”; walkest the road with me.
Thy word hath promised perfect is Thy plan
Therefore I follow, holding tight to Thee.
One word of Thine can lead me through the night.
Thou whisperest “Come”; I press toward Heaven’s light.
One word of Thine can lead my unsure feet.
Thou whisperest “Trust”, in faith I step ahead.
Through mountains, valleys, everywhere is sweet
Where Jesus is.  By Him my soul is fed.
One word of Thine can guide me all the way
Thou whisperest “Trust”; Thou art my strength and stay.
One word of Thine, nay, six I long to hear:
“Well done, my child!” and these two: “Welcome home!”
So toward the mark I press, I persevere.
That I might bring Thee glory, Thou alone!
One word of Thine I’ll hear with earth behind
When Thou wilt whisper “Joy”; Lord, I am Thine!
 Opt. Tune: Be Still My Soul
Copyright Miriam Rainwater, January 15, 2008
All rights reserved.



All my life You have been watching.
Every breath I breathe you give.
Each short day and every hour
Yet in fear I walk and live.
You who know my deepest longings
You who see my inner strife
Hands that fashioned every sparrow
Will I trust them with my life?
Every storm I feel fast coming
Each long hour I tremble here
Oh this battle fierce within me!
Can you quell my darkest fear?
Distant Diety of Heaven
You whose love I long to know
Too long have I wandered lonely
In Your arms I long to go.
Every hair I have You’ve counted
Every star above You name
Here I sit in guilt and anguish
And You long to take my blame?
Greatest One of all the nations
Only God and loving Man,
Why would such a one as You
Bend from heaven to take my hand?
Watch me, Father, as I argue
Still my inner wars so bleak
Let me fall in sweet surrender
Come to Your throne still and meek.
(c) 2007