The Love of Your Life

Stop Dating the Church by Joshua HarrisJesus Christ calls the Church His bride…purchased by His blood (Ephesians 5:25-32).  So why is it that many Christians today regard the church as unimportant and don’t want to be committed to a local body?  If we are to love what Jesus loves, why don’t we value what He regards as utterly precious: His own cherished bride?

Although Joshua Harris has been well known as a popular Christian author and speaker for several years now, his 2004 book Stop Dating the Church: Fall in Love with the Family of God is the first I’ve read.  It was easy to connect with his frank, humble writing style, and every chapter was convicting.  Harris sites the statistics that prove how increasingly negligent American Christians are becoming in their church-going, and reminds readers that “faith was never meant to be a solo pursuit”.

In our independent, individualistic day and age, so many of us are tempted to be critical and judgmental.  But as children of God, part of His plan for our lives involves devoting ourselves to a local body of believers.  Like a flower seperated from the vine, we will wither and starve without the constant nourishment of Christ’s church.  If you are commitment-shy, read this little book with the big message for believers today, and begin the wonderful experience of falling in love with the family of God.

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