This is all I know

Hands are shaking here

Voices in my head

Light is nowhere near.

Deep within my tears

Your face is all I see

You know my deepest fears

Your love is pulling me.


Surprised beyond my dreams

To see You standing there

The One I hated so

The only One who cares.

Mountains start to fall

I’ve never been so free

I fall in love with You

Because You cherish me.



Savior of my soul

I feel Your mighty love

It doesn’t matter who I am

Your beauty is enough.

And when this life is past

I’ll walk into Your light

I’ll sing because You live

I’ll live because You died.


2 Responses

  1. Wow…awesome!

  2. This is exquisite =) I can very nearly hum it in my head without music. I like this very much!

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