All my life You have been watching.
Every breath I breathe you give.
Each short day and every hour
Yet in fear I walk and live.
You who know my deepest longings
You who see my inner strife
Hands that fashioned every sparrow
Will I trust them with my life?
Every storm I feel fast coming
Each long hour I tremble here
Oh this battle fierce within me!
Can you quell my darkest fear?
Distant Diety of Heaven
You whose love I long to know
Too long have I wandered lonely
In Your arms I long to go.
Every hair I have You’ve counted
Every star above You name
Here I sit in guilt and anguish
And You long to take my blame?
Greatest One of all the nations
Only God and loving Man,
Why would such a one as You
Bend from heaven to take my hand?
Watch me, Father, as I argue
Still my inner wars so bleak
Let me fall in sweet surrender
Come to Your throne still and meek.
(c) 2007

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