The Simple Life.

June is here and I’m loving the sweet and simple summer life.  Here are a bunch of links and resources for you to check out…some of them are convicting, some encouraging, some just fun.  But they’re all great lazy day reading or perusing…so read and peruse to your heart’s content!  Happy summer.

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Awww, I like this pretty post over at the Wide Open Spaces blog; and I love this Audrey Hepburn quote.

With Father’s Day coming up, you may be looking for a special gift for your Daddy.  Albert Mohler’s summer reading list is geared specifically towards men, and includes a lot of fascinating titles.  Check it out to see if you can find something your Dad would enjoy.

Natalie Nyquist is giving away a free book for the month of June at her blog, HeartThoughts.  Just in time for those lazy summer afternoons of reading!  Comment or link for a chance to win Look to the East by Maureen Lang.

This blog, Musings from Montana, is written by an innkeeper who shares her experiences of life in the Big Sky State.  Lots of yummy recipes and horse posts for equine lovers. 

I like the beautiful photography on this ranching blog: Just Another Day on the Prairie.  These posts remind me of the ranches I love.

Sometimes we all need to escape…here are six tips for sweet escapes to try this summer.  From unplugging the computer to creating your dreams, the author gives inspiration for finding joy in the little things and embracing the simple life.

Do you catch yourself doodling dresses in the margins?  Then you should see Christa Taylor’s Design Your Dream Dress Contest for a chance to see one of your creations come to life!

If the weather where you live is a little rainy right now (what happened to the summer sunshine??), you might be encouraged (as I was) by this inspiration to sing in the rain.

If you are going on a missions trips this summer, read this post about Angie Smith’s experience in India with Compassion and how she saw God working in the lives of people there firsthand.

Read this encouraging article on the girltalk blog about how Christ is our burden bearer in things both big and small.

The Egg and the Sponge by Jeannie Castleberry on the YLCF blog.  Sound like an interesting article?  It might be more convicting than you’d think…

We all need an excuse to go to the theater sometime!  Read Plugged In Online’s review of Disney/Pixar’s new movie Up for just such an excuse.  Or if you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in nearby, pack your car full of friends and fold-out chairs and paper bags full of popcorn and enjoy a movie under the stars!  Mmm…

I was trying to pick one post to link to on the Actually Laura blog, but I changed my mind because the whole thing is just so darn cute!  So check it out.  Laura is a friend of mine and her blog is adorable!


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