November 4, 2008: Election day

McCain and Palin

Today’s election will change your life, whether you vote or not.

It will affect the lives of your children and your children’s children…a generation not yet born.

Some of tomorrow’s children will not be born…unless our nation changes.  No matter what you believe about politics, politicians, and elections in general, let your heart be God’s heart today.  Think of the innocents.  Think of the voiceless, the helpless, the silent…the truly oppressed.

They are the unborn.

Senator John McCain is opposed to Roe vs. Wade and upholds the sanctity of all human life, which begins at conception.

Senator Barack Obama promises to sign the Freedom of Choice Act as one of his first actions if elected President, making a woman’s right to kill her unborn child a fundamental American principle.  This will mean more abortion clinics dumpsters will be filled with the bodies of God’s cherished creations, each little girl and boy designed individually and lovingly by Him (Psalm 139).  Read this article on MSN’s website about the difference between the two candidate’s abortion stances.

Do not neglect your duty and your privilege.  Cast your vote.

If you are not old enough to vote or are otherwise unable to cast your ballot today, please join me in prayer for our nation today.  God bless America. 

Check out this article by John Piper on single-issue voting.


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