Sarah Palin

These days, it seems like everybody has something to say about Sarah Palin.  Talk about overnight success!  One minute she’s practically an unknown, and the next she is launched to nationwide superstardom.  A couple of weeks ago people didn’t know anything about Sarah Palin, now everyone has an opinion on who is the mother of her four-month-old son and whether or not she tried to get her state trooper ex-brother-in-law fired.  Sarah identifies herself as a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-drilling, pro-tax-cuts, mother of five, devout Christian woman.  She is also a high school basketball star who led her team to state championships, an Alaska beauty queen, a lifetime National Rifle Association (NRA) member, a moose hunter, a feminist, and a marathon runner.  She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications and is an excellent public speaker.  She grew up in small town Alaska and attends Wasilla Bible Church.

I’m not a political commentator and don’t pretend to be…I’m not even old enough to vote!  And I don’t want to turn Sisters Keepers into a political blog, because I do believe that my kingdom is not of this world, and it would be better to spend time focusing on Heaven rather than America (as much as I do love my country, and as thankful as I am for the freedom I have here).  But as citizens of the USA, I also believe we have a certain amount of responsibility, and I think it’s OK to talk about politics so long as our allegiances don’t get out of balance.  I truly am excited about Sarah Palin’s candidacy.  I’ve been reading some articles about her today, and thought that, rather than try and voice my own opinions, I’d share the words of others who have already done a fine job.  Here’s a short list.  The blog name or author name is written in bold.  Please note that I do not necessarily endorse everything said by each author, and certainly not any other material shared on their websites (I’ve not had time to preview all of them).  But I did find these pieces interesting and enlightening in different ways, and worth reading as well. 

Radical Womanhood: The Questions Swirling Around Sarah Palin

Carolyn McCulley shares her views on some Sarah Palin controveries from the viewpoint of a Christian woman.  I found this article scholarly and thought-provoking, and, most importantly, Biblically-centered.

Albert Mohler: An Unexpected New Motherhood Debate

Pastor and author Albert Mohler discusses the debate surrounding Palin’s unmarried 17 year-old daughter’s pregnancy, and also comments in general on her candiacy, particularly from a Biblical viewpoint.  Should a woman lead a nation?  What does the Bible say about female leadership in the secular arena?  A Biblically solid and insightful post.  (Check Pastor Mohler’s August 2008 archives for an article on the birth of Palin’s handicapped son, Trig…written before Palin obtained the VP slot.)

The New York Times: They Raise Children, Pray and Support Palin

Although not written from a Christian or a conservative viewpoint, this newspiece gives some interesting information about the folks who support Palin, and a little about the governor herself.

Fox News (Susan Estrich): Sarah Palin and the Double Standard

Again, this isn’t written by an author with a pronounced Christian worldview, but her insights are still interesting.  We may not share a Biblical viewpoint on gender roles, but Ms. Estrich still raised questions about the double standard of our nation’s acceptance of women in politics that were thought-provoking.

Young Ladies Christian Fellowship: Mommy and VP?

An article by a young Christian blogger, wife, and mother who supports Sarah Palin.  I really liked what she had to say.

Ann Coulter: The Best Man Turned Out To Be A Woman

Ann Coulter is both loved and hated for her no-nonsense, occasionally biting conservatism.  Some squirm at her bluntness and sometimes less-than-elegant choice of words, others rejoice because she is unapologetic and honest about her convictions in an age of pandering.  And so, last but not least, a very Coulter-ish viewpoint on McCain’s VP pick.


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