Look Behind You

A weary traveler leaned against his rod, pausing to wipe the sweat from his forehead.  Below him stretched the valley, above him the sky.  Both seemed equally vast and unchanging and inpenetrable, and the journeyer was tired.  How much longer?  He lifts his face to heaven and prays.

The answer comes, as most do, without shouting and fanfare.  It comes on the wind.

The road ahead of you is long…but so is the road behind you.  Look from where you have come, and see that I am faithful.  I have never left you.  Beside every sandal print is Mine.  Wherever you fell, I paused to lift you up.  When you were thirsty, I was the living water.  When you were hungry, I was the bread of life.  I provided for your physical needs.  When you prayed, I came to your aid.  Because I love you…because I promised and I am faithful.  Look to your past…and know that I was there.  Why should I leave you now?

You do not know how many times you have come near the edge of this precipice, dear one…how many times I was there protecting you and guarding your heart.  Under the shadow of My wings you found refuge, at the foot of My throne I gave you help.  Solace by My heart, safety behind My shield and protection through My sword.

Look at every turn in your road.  Do you think you came to this place by accident?  No, loved one, for every turn, every stone in your path, every rainfall, every sunshine, every thornbush, every rose, every mountaintop, every valley low, every lion, every lamb, every smile, every scorn, every meal, every drink, I planned and placed in order to lead you to where you are today.  You are on the path I have made for you, and I go before you and behind you.  I make your way clear…and I use the hard times to draw you closer to Me and to make you a man after My own heart.

Because I love you.  Because I promised and I am faithful.

This is my promise to you, wherever you go.  In life or in death, in trials and in joy, I will be here.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  Look behind you.  See how I have used every event in your life for good, leading you and guiding you.  Look at the roses on your path…I grew them just for you.  I know what you love and I delight in your joy.  See the thorns and the stones, I placed those and I am using them to strengthen you.  I know what you need and I am glorified in your growth.  Look to your past, dear heart, and know…I have never left you yet.  Why should I change now?  I am steadfast, I am true, I am the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Your future is even more beautiful then this.  So much have I planned for you.  Stay faithful to Me.

The pilgrim lifted his staff and walked on…his sandals making prints in the dust of his path.  He could not see prints beside them, but he knew he would never be alone.


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