Strength in my Weakness

I heard a quote this weekend…it said something like “strength is perfected in concious weakness”. The preacher went on to say that too often we ask God to give us strength…maybe we should ask Him to be our strength.

What I’m realizing is that rather than asking God to make me strong to deal with the trials I’ll face…I need to realize that that strength is already available to me. As a child of God, in Him and Him alone I already have all the strength I will ever need.

I am human…I am drastically imperfect. I have so many failings and weaknesses. When I am conscious of them, though, then God can use them in my life. He can change me from the inside out.

We tend to think that we are strong when we ignore our weaknesses.

I think we are strong when we admit to them.

God can use that humility to change us more into His image.

Lord, be my strength this week…and help me to see my weaknesses as clearly as I should. But don’t let them stop me from serving You and being sold-out for Christ.

I am weak, God is strong. His grace is sufficient. He is my strength.

God bless,


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