Apples of Gold

For our Apples of Gold readers, you may be wondering what happened to the magazine…it’s been several weeks since the last issue was published (at least).  Unfortunately, this isn’t going to change.  My laptop recently crashed (thanks to over 100 viruses in the system), including my list of AoG’s hundreds of subscribers and the archive of back issues.  While my schoolwork, writing, photos, music, etc. was saved thanks to a family friend, unfortunately my address book and all of my emails are lost.

I’m very sorry about this…and I thank all of you so much for your loyal reading of and faithfulness to this little publication.  It breaks my heart to loose this ministry, which, but for my computer crashing, would have lasted as long as possible.  If you all could help me in one way…

If any of you saved back issues of Apples of Gold on your computer, please, please, please send them to applesofgoldnewsletter @ (removing the spaces)I would appreciate that so much.  It’s really hard to think of almost four years of AoG being lost, and if any of you have back issues that I sent you that you could now send to me, I would be so very grateful.  Almost all of the articles and stories I wrote exclusively for AoG are now lost…not to mention all of the subscriber’s letters and submissions that I value so much.

Again, I am truly sorry for this.  If enough people are interested, I may start Apples of Gold over again, though I will have to pray about it.  If you want me to do this, please send your name, country, and email address to applesofgoldnewsletter @ or use the subscriber form at our website  It really depends on how many people are interested in receiving AoG in whether or not I’ll consider it worthwhile to start up again from scratch.  But if that’s what God wants and my parents approve, and enough folks are interested in, then I will do that.

I will also try to update this blog regularly with stories, articles, reviews, poems, etc. (the same things that used to fill AoG) so that even if Apples of Gold never starts up again, Sisters Keepers will keep the ministry going in some ways.

God bless,



4 Responses

  1. Dear Keely,
    I’m so sorry your computer crashed. I will be praying that God will lead you. I will also pray for you peace and strength in this time.
    Your sister in Christ,

  2. Thank you so much, Rose…I really appreciate your prayers! It’s funny how a little thing like a computer crashing can be so frustrating and destructive. But I think God has a purpose in this…maybe it’s time for me to move on from AoG…or maybe He just wants to teach me patience. 😉

  3. Hello Keely!

    I have been wondering about AoG and decided to visit the website again, today. I was delighted to find this blog.:) I will be happy to send any back issues I have. I would also love to subscribe, and will do that.


  4. I’m interested in a subscription

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