Through the Storm

“Why Lord?”
Our tears streak our faces as raindrops do a windowpane.
“Why do you bring us so much sorrow?  Why do you cause us hurt, dear Lord?”
The thunder rolls inside our hearts and the rain keeps falling.  Where is God’s hand in this storm?  Where is the peace and the happiness we were promised?  Why has He betrayed His helpless children, His lambs?
Suddenly, through the black clouds, a voice speaks.  It is not the voice of an angry titan, nor yet an innocent angel.  It is wise and strong.  It is not a foe, but the voice of a Friend.  The voice of One who sees and hears all things.  A voice of tenderness, holiness, firmness…and love.  Wonder of wonders.  This is a voice of love.
The rain hasn’t gone away.  But the sun is shining in one place.  We blink as it glows on our face.
“I did not promise you a walk of pleasure.  The roses still have thorns, and faith does not strip them.  My child, I did not promise that the rocks would be smooth, that you would always drink from golden goblets and eat from princes’ tables.  For this narrow road is often stony, the skies above are often dark, and there are valleys as well as mountaintops.  The rain often falls here.
“But,” I lift my eyes into those divinely full of tenderness, “This I do promise.  I will never leave or forsake you.  I will always hold your hand.  And when the stones are sharp, I will carry you.  I will love you.  I will guide you.  I will calm your heart and still your anxious thoughts.
“For, lo, though the storms rumble, sunshine is found in My presence.  And upon my paths alone, your heart can be full of joy in the midst of pain.
“Be still, my child, and know.  I am God alone, the Everlasting Father.  And I love you.  Though mountains crumble, though thunder rolls, though tears fall, though thorns pierce, though hearts ache, though souls thirst, though cries echo…
“I am with you…and always will be.  I will guide you into all safety.  I will allow the storms of life to mold, not break you.  I will teach you, lead you, comfort you.”
I look up again.  And wonder of wonders, the face I see is Love.

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