Wisteria Cottage



I hope I’m not boring you with my links…but I wanted to share this resource because it’s part of the AoG/SK ministry! Wisteria Cottage is a message board for Christian girls aged 13 and up. A “cozy cottage” get together for likeminded young women all over the world, WCF has been going strong for almost four years. Everyone is welcome in the discussions about God, life, love, learning and leaning on Him. I’m not a member of any other message board, WCF keeps me busy enough! But I know that there is definitely something special about this little community of ladies, and what makes it special is the diversity and sweetness of the members themselves. All of them are incredible, unique daughters of the King and even though I’ve never met most of them, I feel as though I know them all. This is a close-knit community between believers such as you can only find in Jesus Christ and the fellowship that comes between those who love Him.A great opportunity to meet sisters that you might not otherwise meet this side of glory, check out Wisteria Cottage today at www.createforum.com/wisteriacottage. Just send me a Private Message on the board or email with the requested information (check the Board Rules for more info) and I’ll approve you as soon as I can.  See you there!


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