I’m so excited to recommend one of my favorite resources!  The Christa-Taylor store. 

Christa Taylor is like many Christian young women in that she sees a problem with our culture’s immodest, unladylike way of dressing.  However, she is different in one way.  She has decided to do something about it.

I love the friendly and helpful customer service, the prompt shipping, the hand-picked feel of each product, and the giving mindset (30% of all proceeds go to charity!).  Christa-Taylor has providd the best and most rewarding online shopping experiences I’ve ever had.  And forget your ideas of frumpy modesty.  These clothes are both beautiful and chic.

This is business done in a Christ-like way.


3 Responses

  1. Hi! I have a couple questions,is this Christa Taylor on the cover? and is that hat and jacket something that is sold by her?

  2. Hi Marie,
    No, I think that is a model, and although I haven’t seen the hat for sale on her site, I think the coat and scarf may be some of her products, at least from a previous season. But I’m not affiliated with C-T, I just like her clothes so I wanted to pass this link along. 🙂 The best person to ask would be Christa herself…she updates her blog regularly (I link to it in my blog roll below) so you’ll probably get an answer there. 🙂 Hope this helps!


  3. Hi! I am very excited to have something like this in Brasil! Thanks for sharing

    Julie Maria

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