Strawberries, Pianofortes, and the Militia.

ja.pngA winter night.  A cozy fire.  A cup of hot tea.  And a book by Jane Austen.

In the words of Jane herself, is there any felicity in the world superior to this?*

The appeal of this 18 century woman’s keen human obvervasions have endured throughout centuries of fleeting feminine fads.  Even today we are enthralled by her.  Her family called her “good quiet Jane”.  But she wrote books that forever changed the modern novel.  Her insightful but chaste romance stories have never been equalled, despite decades of passion and fire. 

Jane is a paradox.  For hers is the legacy of a single woman who taught us all, in some form or another, about the sweet beauty and the fascinating complexity that is human romance.

Do you need a good winter read?  Then visit this website, where Jane Austen’s works are available as free e-books.  If you have already read one of her books, you know how good they are.  If not, you are in for a treat!  And like Miss Bates, you may tell me very soon that the stories “turned you quite speechless…and you have not stopped talking of them since!”**

Happy reading!

*Sense & Sensibility



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